Are you looking for a Sign writer in Wollongong or Sydney?

Our contracting business started in 2012, when myself and a few other media professionals seen a gap in the Illawarra market for branding and signage. We seen a lot of businesses hindering their own progress in the industry because of small branding errors business people make due to the wrong advice or businesses trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. An example of this is squeezing too many words in a busy sign, these days simple and to the point signage is more effective, or a branding error is call to action (Advertising) – people trying to push price discounts all the time, this method of call to action should be exclusive, once a year and should have actual discounts that clients cannot obtain any other time of the year brand your business consistently and be seen in your target areas.

Our mission statement is end to end signage solutions & sound branding advice, this speaks for itself as we are much more than just Sign Writers at Sign Syndicate.
We will give you advice as to where your priorities should be. We will look at your brand as a whole and give you advice as to best practice and what works in 2018.

Vibrant and standout signage solutions…….That’s our game

Our process from the first meet and greet;

We like to get an idea of the business first of all and try to understand your business strengths, weaknesses and goals, then we can start to plan some branding executions. Usually vehicle signage is a great idea because it will get noticed in your local area, especially if you are servicing clients on the road. If your vehicles are not so much travelling in your local area day to day, it may be best to look at how the public see your business from when they step into your office, navigate your website, find your business on a mobile to when they drive past your building at night, this is referred to as User Experience.

leave a lasting first impression through your User Experience

Creating a sleek and vibrant user experience for your clients is paramount for them getting a good vibe from your business, this will instil confidence and a good feel for your clients and it gets you off to the right start when dealing with your customers.

Contact us today to see if we can assist you with any signage or branding through a free consultation.